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Why Become A GAC Member?

Main Member Benefits:
  • Your personal GAC Homepage
  • Access to more GAC Games
  • Personal signature for the GAC Forum
  • Your site link added to our 'Links' page *
  • Add your links to the GAC Search engine *
  • Your personal GAC Member Profile
  • Participation in contests
  • Your GAC Test scores logged
  • 250MB of file storage space (MyFiles)
  • 10GB of image storage space (MyPics)
  • Personal and customizable GAC Calendar
  • Membership is 100% FREE

Member Features:

Choose various color schemes for your personal homepage:

Candy Apple Color Scheme
'Candy Apple'

Earthy Green Color Scheme
'Earthy Green'

And Many More!

Have your own personal profile:

My Personal Profile

Choose 15 of your favorite planes to display on your personal homepage for easy access

Choose Your Favorite Planes

Your site will be listed on our links and search engine pages *

Your Query

Each account comes with 250MB of storage space to store your photos, text files, and more!

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And permissions so you can keep your files private!

MyFiles Screen

Accounts also feature our customizable GAC Calendar, with many different features!

GAC Calendar

Take part in our GAC Contests and win points to acquire GAC Trading Cards™, homepages space, or posters!

GAC Trading Cards

Components of your personal GAC Homepage:

  • Favorite Websites
  • Favorite Aircraft
  • Your Notes
  • This Week's Poll
  • Your Test Scores
  • This Month in Aviation History
  • GAC Contests
  • GAC Times
  • Plane of the Week
  • Your Listed Pages
  • Favorite Photos
  • New GAC Forum Messages
  • GAC Calculator
  • And Much More!

Nearly all components of your GAC Homepage are
customizable and/or removable!

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* - If you submit your site information to us
through the application form. Up to three
Search engine links and one Links page link.

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