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Welcome to the GAC Contests!

This week's contest:
For the week of (12/13/09)

Last week's answer: HiMAT

Identify the aircraft in this picture


Pot currently: 20 GAViCs

Know the answer? Click here!

GAC Member Contests FAQ

What are GAViCs?

   GAViCs (Global Aircraft VIrtual Currency) are not money, yet are something much better! When you win our contests, you will receive GAViCs, and with your GAViCs you may acquire posters, homepage space, or trading cards! All members start out with 0 GAViCs, and everyone must earn their GAViCs in order to receive any prizes. To view any perquisites ("perks") you currently have, click the 'View Your Goodies' link below. To acquire perquisites with your current GAViCs, click the 'Acquire Goodies' link below. To view any trading requests you have, click the 'View Your Trading Requests' link below!

   There are two types of GAViCs: parvums and punctums. Parvums are worth 1/100 of a punctum, while a punctum is a standard GAViC (punctums is abbreviated pts). Because parvums are not worth enough in themselves, they will not be able to be spent and may only be used when you have collected 100 of them to make one punctum (pt). You can collect parvums by simply viewing pages on our website, playing games, and posting to our forum!

When do I know if I receive my GAViCs?

   If you took part in our weekly contest, you will find out if you guessed correctly at the end of the week. All scores are tallied Friday night and you will see your GAViCs added on Saturday if you guessed correctly. If you did not guess correctly, you will not receive any points.

How many GAViCs do I get from the contests?

   The GAC Contests do not have a fixed per-member earning of GAViCs. Each week, we give away a fixed number of GAViCs, and this amount is divided up among all of the members who submitted correct answers. For instance, if we were giving away ten GAViCs one week, and two people submitted correct answers then each member would receive five GAViCs. But if we gave away ten GAViCs and one person submitted, he would receive ten GAViCs. There are exceptions, however, to this. For instance, each member cannot earn more than ten GAViCs in one contest, and, conversely, each correct answer cannot receive under five GAViCs. The "fixed" amount we give away each week is likely to change by Friday, depending on the amount of correct submissions we get -- but, in general, the more people who submit correct answers, the less each members share of the GAViC pot will be for that week.

Can I trade my GAViCs in for money?

   No. GAViCs have no real monetary value, and may not be traded in for anything but the goodies listed on our site.

How do I trade my trading cards with other members?

   At this time no members can trade their trading cards. We are currently waiting for more members to acquire trading cards so we can make this feature available.

Is there any other way to receive GAViCs besides the GAC Contests?

   You can win five punctums if you win our contests, however you may receive a few parvums (1/100 punctum) just by looking through the website, playing our games, or posting to our forum! Refreshing pages will not count as a new hit, and not every page will give you parvums while some will give more than others!

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